Individual Therapy

Harold Kirby is the Founder of the OCD CBT Mindful Stress & Anxiety Management Center of Philadelphia. He has been working exclusively with OCD and the full range of anxiety disorders and depression for over twenty years.  Harold was senior staff at the Anxiety and Agoraphobia Treatment Center and was a Co-founder of the Anxiety and OCD Treatment Center of Philadelphia with Jonathan Grayson. Establishing a comprehensive ocd and anxiety treatment center has been his primary goal since 2012.

Harold established the MSAM center while at AOTCP to better serve clients with the integration of not only standard CBT treatments but also mindfulness based interventions. MSAM is built on the philosophy that the needs of each individual are unique and on occasion complex.  The treatment is guided at each phase by attention to the person and their specific needs utilizing a full range of treatment modalities as indicated. The desired outcome to give the client the means and methods on which to thrive in their chosen environment and lead a life that they value.

From the initial assessment the individual will benefit from guidance to a recommended level of (outpatient) care.  One weekly individual treatment is most often recommended and fits the needs of the majority of people seeking treatment. The center, however offers an array of options for care if needed, individual, intensive treatment, mindfulness groups, ocd support group and weekend retreats. Please read more about the center in the “MSAM Group Therapy” section.

MSAM Group Therapy

In addition to our OCD and anxiety treatment focus the center also offers an 8 week mindfulness course for both adults and adolescents.  The groups can be taken by anyone but are often taken to augment individual or intensive treatments. The groups are all held at the center near the Philadelphia Art Museum approximately every two months.

We continue to work on a mindfulness treatment protocol for OCD groups and have run two groups to date with encouraging results.

Guided Meditations

All materials needed for our groups are provided “in house” including reading material and guided meditations. This website contains all guided meditation that we use in our program.


Upon completion of an MSAM group you are invited to attend a weekend retreat at Pendle Hill retreat center.  The retreat is a wonderful way to deepen your mindfulness practice, take a leap forward and just have some fun, good food and caring.    

Speaking Engagements

Harold has limited space for speaking engagements. Please contact him directly by email at

Video Conferencing

COMING SOON ! We will be offering video conferencing for both guided meditations.